Think Big But Start Small (Business, Entrepreneurship)

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It is common to see people with big ideas – both in life and as an entrepreneur but those who want to achieve them right away oftentimes give up midway or fail before even trying after realizing how time- and money that goal might turn out to be. Those people end up always wondering if they made the right decision by stopping because they failed to see the bigger picture. Bottom line, they miss out on the fact that they needed to take small steps to bring their ultimate idea to life.

First, to achieve that business idea that you are aiming at, you should know that it is perfectly fine to think big. Some great entrepreneurs would even argue it is a must that you have a vision that might even seem crazy to the ordinary observer. It may very well be that what you are considering is something radical and never done before! Such ideas involve a lot of risk, resources, and commitment but entrepreneurs will tell you, by far, they are the most rewarding in the end. Still BEWARE.

Still, one of the most important things to do especially at the early stages of your starting a business is to outline the small steps, a simple business plan, that will keep you on track to build the base of your business. Do you need to have your own company, or can you start as part of someone else’s business and branch out? Will you be working on your plan with a group of people or at first working alone? What is the essence of the thing you want to do? A simple business plan will help you open the doors, and support from will give you the financial tools you need to make it all happen.

Just as a basic example, say, if your passion is sewing and you want to create a tailor’s brand that will one day expand worldwide, the small start that you may need is, for instance, sewing alone at first, selling your services locally at first and as you see that the demand is higher and higher you get to learn what is popular and what you could potentially sell out nation-wide. You may not even realize how the years go by and after a lot of effort, research, hard work, you may start exporting your products abroad. Again, it does not happen overnight. Thinking big and having a concrete vision keeps you on tract but starting small pays out more than you might think.

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