Business Check Cashing

Managing the finances of your business is not an easy task and one way to ease your finance management is to use checks in your business. Financial experts claim that there are many advantages to having a business checking account. There are different types of business checks and there are a number of ways through which companies can use them efficiently. Main International Group is here to inform you on business check cashing and is ready to provide you with check cashing that helps your cash flow immediately. It is our policy to cash all business check as long as you have the proper identification. Yes, we will CASH YOUR BUSINESS CHECKS AND GIVE YOU THE CASH as long as you have the proper identification. You can call our office if you have any questions 714-480-0278 

Before using our business check cashing services, you first need to have an existing business checking account at a bank. In order to do that you would need the filing documents of your firm. Depending on whether it is a sole proprietor with a fictitious name or a corporation, you might need to provide various additional information such as the social security number or the tax identification number of the company.

Two important types of business checks are the so-called operational checks and the payroll checks. Here are Main International Group we cash both of those checks. We make it easy for your employees and just as easy for you. This is a service we have offered since we opened our doors many years ago. Most business owners appreciate the opportunity to cash a check on the spot and get cash for it immediately. All of the services we offer are just as easy to use, simply apply if it is a loan or come in for all of our other services.

With a thought for your business and employees, Main International Group has been providing various financial services for around 3 decades now, one of which is the check cashing. From contractors (such as builders, painters, plumbers, electrician etc) to payroll and business checks – we cash them almost always on the spot. Whatever kind of business you have, we say YES when others say NO. We value your business and you and we will provide you with true customers service that may as well surprise you.

Main International Group is here to help – bring in those checks and we can convert them right away. We are always open to answering your questions and serving you! Call us on 714 480-0278 or come and visit one of our numerous locations in Orange County and the surrounding areas.


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