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Vehicle registration? We have a question, “Are you sick of waiting in a line each time you register your vehicle?” Every year hundreds of millions of cars, boats, motorcycles, motor homes, etc. are being registered in the United States and it is obvious that coping with such a vast number of registrations is not an easy job for the DMV (Department of motor vehicles). As a result, the citizens line up before the offices of the DMV even before the opening hours. And, of course, this leads to a lot of frustration and wasted time for those in the line. This has encouraged Main International Group to introduce the vehicle registration service so as to save you time and money.

But what does their service have to offer and how does it differ from the one at DMV?

Often vehicle owners are obliged to visit one of DMV’s locations because of questions like smog certificates. In those cases, it is much faster and more reliable to simply visit the Main International Group location near you and find out what true customer service is all about. Based on more than 30 years of experience, Main International Group has made personal service a tradition. All you need to do is to make sure you have what is required to complete the registration requirements, visit one of Main International’s locations and you rest assured that you will be treated in a personal and more important fast manner. Most of our clients are in and out in under 10 minutes.

But wait? Can’t you make an appointment at DMV and they say be in and out in a few minutes. Now, this will surely save you a lot of time, but in most cases, even after calling to make an appointment you get to the DMV, happily walk up and say, “I have an appointment, who should I see”. They respond with saying, “See your way to those awful seats over there and we will call you when we get to you”! Maybe 5 minutes or 50 minutes, trying to keep a schedule when each registration comes with an issue normally (that is why you came to the DMV instead to mailing in your registration, you have an issue) The craziest part is you will get an appointment but the next available one may be a month later or even more. Do you need to register your vehicle by TOMORROW or pay penalties? At Main International, there is no danger of any waiting time whatsoever. We are here for YOU.

According to a research conducted by YoGov, California DMV wait times can be over 3 hours. Whatever vehicle you might want to register – from a motorhome to a motorcycle, just prepare your documents and go to the lovely crew at Main International Group. No lines, no frustration! Just a friendly environment and professional speedy service!

Main International Group has been providing service to their customers in Orange County and the surrounding areas for more than three decades now. Using their new registration service will save you time. Just visit any of their locations and enjoy flexible and confidential services.


Customer Service Matched By No One Else – That is why Orange County Residents say, “Just go to Main international Group for all your Registration, Loans, Check Cashing, Wire Transfers and More…..

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