Finance Habits from Your Childhood
that You May Want to Consider Keeping

We have all done some really strange things as children – some of which we are proud of, others – not so much. But as is the case with any period in our lives, there are things we can learn from it – habits we might want to keep and, on the other hand, ways of thinking we’d better do away with. So, here are some of your childhood habits when it comes to financing which you should persist on doing in order to secure a stable financial future.

The most obvious one is the piggy bank. It might sound pretty childish and ineffective but the ones who continued using that trick as adults, know how surprisingly well it works. For instance, if you want to save for a nice trip at the end of the year which costs, let’s say $1,000, you need to save about $2,74 every day in a course of one year. In other words, you just need to skip that McDonald’s visit or that cappuccino at Starbucks and supplement them with meals and drinks at home. It is doable and not at all complicated, but one needs the same perseverance and motivation that a child would have when saving for a cool new game or a present for a friend or family member.

If you happen to have been born in a middle-class household like most Americans, you also have been taught as a child how living in frugality can be used to your advantage. Once again, there is no reason to do away with a frugal life (as long as it doesn’t drive you insane, of course), if that will help you achieve your financial goals. Some people who grew up in such a frugal environment end up overspending for completely unnecessary things because they felt deprived as children. On the other hand, those of us who got used to turning off the lights when not used, keeping the temperature a little bit lower (when this doesn’t harm the health and well-being of anyone around), avoiding the sweets section in supermarkets and going to more reasonably-priced restaurants, off the main streets of big cities, are on the right way towards acquiring the golden discipline needed for a healthy financial lifestyle.

If you are one of those kids who spared the cents they got left in their pocket from the day, putting them in a box of the Red Cross or got involved in charity in other ways, you have probably already guessed the last thing we want to discuss. We all know that by donating to charity we get the opportunity to help the poor or in a way be a part of someone getting a life-saving surgery. But did you know that if you make this a financial habit of yours, you can also benefit from it? One example is writing off donations on your tax return – this is possible if you donated to any IRS-approved charity. This financial habit is also helpful because it improves your money management, while, in the same time, you help those in need.

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