Why you shouldn’t wait to have money
before you start a business

Starting a business – no matter big or small is indeed a step that takes up a lot of courage, resources, planning and needless to say – money. Often times green entrepreneurs give up on commencing their new enterprise due to the very reason of lacking the capital. We at Main International Group are interested in your success and the success of your business, which is just another factor that has motivated us throughout the years to provide financial services to individuals and ventures from all around Orange County. So, here are some reasons as to why you shouldn’t wait to have money before you set up a business.

When it comes to founding a new business, one thing we tend to forget is ironically the well-known saying, “Time-is-money”. This doesn’t just mean that if you are losing your time or using it inefficiently, you are also losing money, but also that you could use your time as a capital and as an asset, of some sort. Just think about it, maybe you lack the money for the initial kick of your company, but do you have some time which you could spend working on your future venture? For instance, instead of paying an advertising firm to build your brand, you could spend a couple of days learning how to accomplish that on your own. Another example would be to take on the responsibilities of someone you would hire, provided that you could afford it. In case you lack the expertise for certain tasks you could look around your area for a free course that will educate you on the job. The city always has programs to teach business owners new why to save and make money.

Of course, you need to keep in mind that you are not a robot and you simply cannot do absolutely everything yourself, so why not ask a friend or a family member who have more expertise than you in one thing or the other. For example, a graphic designer or just a graphic design enthusiast in your friends and family circle should be glad to do your logo and/or business card for very little money or even free of charge. Also, a high schooler you know who is passionate about web design could make your website for you. Similarly, an IT college student might be interested in developing your website as a practical project which should be a part of their education. In any case, they would most likely do it better than you, you could more easily follow the process up close and you would be saving both money and time.

Lastly, we are always here when you need us. Getting a personal loan of $300 to $2500 is easy at Main International Group, just go to our website and click on personal loans. Click the download and complete the simple credit application and you are on your way. Need more than $2500, well how about $50,000? Yes, at Main International Group we now offer Vehicle Title Loans. Car, Motorhome, Motorcycle, if you have equity then we have a deal. Instant answers in as little as 5 minutes and YES, you can still borrow money even if you are still paying on that vehicle.

We are here to help, because that is what we have been doing for the last 20+ years, helping the families of Orange County when other won’t. Weather you are starting you business with your own sweat and hard work, or you let Main International Group help you with the startup cash your need we are just a phone call away. Better yet, stop past anyone of our locations, say hello, sign up for our Mothers Cay 200 Contest and let us tell you how we can help. We are, where service is our specialty.

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